Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Okaylah..okaylah..citer baru ..

Immunisation Program. I don't think we have immunisation scheduled for 4 years old kat Malaysia, but kat sini ada. Infact, it is one of the prerequisites to attend school here. So my darling Amirah pun kena cucuk along with his brother Taufiq (untuk 4 bulan nyer..). Here are the list yang budak2 ni kena. For Taufiq, Hepatitis B Vaccine and Pneumococcal Vaccine. One in each leg. And for Amirah ..hmm MMr Vaccine, Diphtheria/Tetanus/ Pertussis/Polio Vaccine, Hepatitis B Vaccine and Meninggococcal Vaccine.. yes.. 4 in one go.. So, with the promise of a lollipop if she be a brave and good girl ... budak tu pejam mata and tahan la kena cucuk 4 kali. Man.. i think she deserved more than a lolipop.. such a brave girl my little darling... mak dia pun takut kena cucuk.. ni dia selamber jer kena 4 kali and tak nangis... bila dah siap..baru nak nangis.. i guess more of sedih than sakit kot... ala sian dia..come here mama give you a hug... Hug is good .. if not gone, it'll ease the pain or sadness.. Need a hug?

Pictures... :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

New post..finally ..hmm.. not

It has been awhile since my last post..hmm.. i've been...busy??? Nah.. maybe a little bit of that ..but the truth is ..i'm simply too lazy to write ..again...

Sorry to all my loyal fans (perasan!!) who devotedly open my page everyday.. but to a great dismay of finding the same piece of writing which is getting rotten by the hour / day / week (have i gone more than a week of not updating????) hmm.. you lazy bug ..stop biting me...

Oh well...Till i got more ideas to write ... maasalamah ....

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I was browsing thru my mails when this thread got my attention - 12 May -Hari HardOnes. (HardOnes = best bunch of budak2 IT 95-99).
Great.. you guys are planning event of the year and I AM HERE!!! Nice timing..he..he.. sajer jer buat tahun ni so that aku tak leh ikut

Have fun in PD. Wish you guys have a great time. Promise buat lagi when I am back home okay.. till later..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pre Melbourne 2006

As I am typing, the opening ceremony for Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games is about 6 hours away. So here are some pictures we took around the area last night. Sorry for the shaky pictures, still amateur with the night mode plus no tripod. In the background (if you can see thru my blurry images..) are the replica of the fishes (fishes that can be found throughout the commonwealth countries). Each held the flag for the nation and lined up along the Yarra River. Found Malaysian flag among them.Tried to zoom..but err... sorry mate.. anyway..Malaysia tetap di hatiku ..he..he..

Bendera2 kat tengah2 city

Ni lah yang replica ikan lined up along Yarra River tu.. Gambar belakang Amirah tu clear sket kot..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quick updates..

Been lazy to write lately. Too many things to tell sampai tak tercerita. So here goes..
Quick updates after a month merantau di negeri orang …

  • Kitorang dah beli kereta..yay.. Ihsan has been ‘patah kaki’ for almost a dah ada kereta, panjang lah sikit langkah kitorang..(boleh sampai Sydney kot..he..he…) It’s a second hand car jer..Bought it for $2000, Mitsubishi Magna, wagon type 2.6 cc. Besar sikit cc sebab susah nak dapat kereta cc rendah kat sini. Minyak mahal sikit lah (minyak Malaysia still murah walaupun dah naik 30sen.. aren’t you glad you are living in Malaysia? ..ya..ya.. I can hear lotsa dissatisfied voice regarding the price hike.. but let just not talk politic here..shall we…*wink* ) Minyak sini harga tiap-tiap hari tukar. Price ranging from $1.14 - $1.22 per litre. Orang kat sini kata, isi minyak penuh on Tuesday (when the gas is at the cheapest)..because usually by Wednesday harga akan start naik balik…And also, if you shop at the store here (mcm Giant ler kalau kat Malaysia) above $30 in a single receipt, you can get 4cent rebate per litre. Good kan…
    Oh.. Taufiq got a new ‘car’ too.. to replace his $10 second hand stroller.

  • Garage sale here is heaven. Stuffs sold at a VERY cheap price. Best thing is, barang tu semua still in good condition..cantik lagi. We went to garage sale hunting last Saturday. Antara hasilnya :

    • Bedsheet and quilt cover Laura Ashley for $1
    • Car seat Taufiq- $10. Kat sini even baby has to have his own seat, strapped to a baby car seat. Amirah pun kena pakai car seat or a booster. If I am not mistaken the rule applies to children under the age of 5.
    • Washing machine + table fan - $90. (Thank God for the fan.. you have no idea how hot it can get.. panas lain macam sket kat sini… )
    • Toys (including Fisher’s Price!) 3 plastic bags for $2..main sumbat dalam plastic bag jer..

    One thing I notice here is that people just can’t wait to get rid of their unused or old stuffs. Regardless still cantik lagi or not, if they feel they have no use of it anymore, then jual murah pun tak pe (some give away for free), as long as it is out of their sight.

  • Kat sini pun ada barang2 nak masak masakan melayu. I found pandan leaves, lengkuas, kulit kayu manis..cengkih daun kari..limau purut ..even maggi pun siap tulis ‘perencah kari’ ..made in Malaysia punya.. durian pun ada… you just need to know where to find them…

  • My new project is tanam pokok bunga. My flower bed still penuh dengan rumput2 and pokok2 liar.. now dalam process nak clear kan all those things.. will update on this later. Maybe lepas nampak bunga kot…he..he.. hope so.

  • My favourite TV show during the day would be Oprah and Ready,Steady Cook.. and err.. Australian games show like Wheel of Fortune, Deal or no Deal, and Family Feud. How lame is that!! I guess it comes in package when I signed up for the post of Fulltime Housewife! .. FYI, here.. Desperate Housewife is uptodate… Lost is sooo lost..still first season..and there’s this new series, titled Comander in Chief, starring Geena Davis as President of United State.. Okay.. I’d better stopped before I sounded more corny.. :P

Hmm.. panjang la plak post kali ni… Tengah ada mood and rajin the kids all dah tido. So, if next time you visit here.. I started putting up pictures instead of writing.. then you should know..angin malas dah datang balik.. till later!

    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    No title

    One of those days yang malas menulis. So bear with the pictures.. after all a picture worth a thousand words kan...

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Edisi khas cucu-cucu

    Untuk tok2,tokwan n tokki yg rindu kat Taufiq n Amirah. Taufiq dah pandai meniarap!

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    An evening in Preston

    Inilah kerja kitorang petang-petang. I would cook a simple dish like cekodok ker.. fries ker.. nugget ker..or kalau rajin sikit buat nasik goreng then tapau ..and off we went to the park near our house - J.S. Grey Reserve Park. Jalan kaki jer ...

    Source of entertainment for Amirah selain daripada seharian dok main games kat Internet. Sedang looking around for a nice kinder for her.. biar ada kawan sikit.. and boleh polish English sket..kot2 balik Malaysia leh dapat slang Aussie.. he..he.. good day mike!