Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Project N.A.S.A Astronaut Amirah

Been helping Amirah for the past few weeks on her space project. Throughout this semester Amirah has been learning about the solar system and things in outer space. All grade 1/2 students are to present their space project by the end of the term. They can make either information posters, power point presentations or make a space model. We decided to choose the later because it is much more interesting and fun to make. After much thought (includes hours of googling for ideas on the internet), 'Men landed on the Moon' theme came out top of the list (also because competitive mom think that 'mesti takde orang lain nyer buat idea ni' ..hehhe).

So we started our project by making 'Moon' and 'Earth' using paper mashe technique. Gradually working on the base of our project which is a black paper covered shoe box with glittering stars and planets. After pasting the 'Moon' to the base and hanging the 'Earth', we added the rocket and two odd looking Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin clay models. Papa came out with a last minute idea to 'umphh' things up, by adding a torchlight to create the illusion of the sunlight.

After 2 weeks of sneaking time to do the project while 'helpful' little brother asleep, we finally finished it. Amirah is so happy and proud with her project (so am i ..hehehe ...).

Pictures as usual.

Amirah showing off her space astronaut certificate

Amirah's Men landed on the Moon project

Other space projects from Amirah's classmates :