Monday, November 26, 2007

This is how we say Hello ..

We attended Amirah's school art Festival last week. It was one of the major year end events organized by the school and the parents club. It started at 5pm and finished at 8pm.

There were stalls selling ice cream, (a big hit because of the sunny day and for more obvious reason, kids!!! Who could resist ice cream??), sizzling sausages (it's Halal too.. isn't her school great?) and coffees. There were areas for arts and crafts; the do-it-yourself pins, buttons and cards, and areas where children have free access to aboriginal musical instruments such as the drums and the didjeridoos. The school hall was transformed into art gallery, displaying masterpieces from the students. The way they framed and arranged the drawings and paintings make you feel that you're visiting an Art Gallery. The paintings were labeled with the names of the artists and where they were from; medieval, renaissance or modern (read : grade prep, 1,2 ,3 ,4, 5, or 6). I found Amirah's fish collage amongst the display, right next to Monet and Da Vinci collections :P .. I'm a proud mom ..

It's interesting to see the level of participations from the students, teachers and especially parents. Some did volunteer work, helping out with the stalls, and some were there to give support and watch the performance by their children. Amirah's class was the second to perform on the stage. They came out with colorful ribbons on their wrist and each wore a hat that has different countries flag glued to it. They formed a semicircle and to my surprised, Amirah and another boy stepped out to the front, being some sort of dance routine leader. The song was about how you can say hello in various languages. I gooooogled and found the lyric. Here are some of the pictures taken that day. As usual..enjoy the pics.

In France they say Bonjour
In China they say Ni How

In India they say Namaste

In Zimbabwe they say Jambo

In Mexico they say Hola

In Japan they say Konichiwa
In Greece they say Kalamera

Sometimes we shake hands
We wave and we grin
We slap each other on the back
We say hi, how've been

In Germany they say Guten Tag
In Lithuania they say Labas
In Russia they say Strasvecha
And in Australia they say Good day.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anak mama ker anak papa ni....

Terjumpa site ni masa tengah browse F_riend_ster page member. Looks like fun... and sesuai untuk orang2 yang takde keje ni ..:P ... So kalau terasa korang pun takde keje ..boleh aaa try jugak.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amirah's new friends

Hmm.. sebulan lebih takde update ... takde cerita baru sebenarnya.. every weekend dalam bulan syawal lepas almost cerita yang sama. Open house and open house again... very tiring weekends... yeah.. orang kg victoria ni rajin betul beraya :P ..

Cerita baru...kitorang dapat jiran baru. Amirah yang paling happy because jiran baru ni ada 3 orang anak and ada sorang girl yang sebaya dengan Amirah. They were from Columbia, baru jer sebulan datang Melbourne, so semua orang tak tau cakap English except for the father. They speak Spanish. The only common words yang Amirah and kawan baru dia share ialah uno .. dos..tres..cuatro..cinco..seises.. (too much of Dora the Explorer and Handy Manny :P ..)

Memperkenalkan kawan2 baru Amirah, Estafan (kalau tak salah dengar -7 yrs old), Juliana (pronounced Huliana - 5 yrs old), and Taufiq's new friend, I dunno-what-his-name (2 yrs old).
As usual..gambar....