Friday, January 20, 2006

Strawberries and cream ..

Hari terakhir di KAF .. wow.. finally the day comes. Here I am for the very last time. So many things to say and do.. so little time.. I am out of words..

Rasa macam ada banyak benda nak tulis.. but I end up staring blindly at the monitor .. jari all kaku at the keyboard.. it’s hard to put all these feelings into words..

It has been 5 + years here. I must say it is quite an interesting and a nice place to work.. in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.. it’s a shopping heaven during lunch time :) .. and almost every year ada company trips. I’ve been to Perth, Beijing and Bali.. hm.. Hong Kong almost pegi he..he..he.. if not for my pregnancy… :P..
But most of all the joy of working here comes from understanding, funny and wonderful colleagues, which in years have become more than friends.. all feels close to the heart.. macam family. How do you say good bye family? You don’t. You say, till later. :)

My things are all packed. Not much. Tak penuh pun satu kotak. Is that all? Did I leave anything behind? Yeah .. memories.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy birthday mama

Happy birthday to mama who turned 58 today (she asked me not to say the number out you guys baca slow2 ye..) .. May God blessed you with good health and happiness. Sayang mama.

2 more days and counting .. my last day here at KAF...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Notting Hill

I was packing the vcd's and dvd's into box last night and i came across this dvd titled 'Notting Hill' (Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant).. I love this film. I think i watched it for several times during my college years.Sampaikan konot and farah (my housemates) would say " ko tengok citer ni lagi???" ..

It's a deeply felt, yet very funny film.. and after n th times of viewing.. i still find it delightful.

Memories .. to Notting Hill :)


Huge room -- full of press. Row after row of journalists, cameras at the front, TV cameras at the back. Anna sits at a table at the end of the room, on her other side is the PR boss, firmly marshalling the questions.

JEREMY : Yes... You -- Dominic.

QUESTIONER 1 : How much longer are you staying in the UK then?

ANNA : No time at all. I fly out tonight.

She's in a slightly melancholic and therefore honest mood.

QUESTIONER 3 : Last time you were here, there were some fairly graphic photographs of you and a young English guy -- so what happened there?

ANNA : He was just a friend -- I think we're still friends.

JEREMY : Yes, the gentleman in the pink shirt.

He is pointing straight at William, who has his hand up.

WILLIAM : Yes -- Miss Scott -- are there any circumstances in which you two might be more than just friends?

Anna sees who it is asking.

ANNA : I hoped there might be -- but no, I'm assured there aren't.

WILLIAM : And what would you say...

JEREMY : No, it's just one question per person.

ANNA : No, let him... ask away. You were saying?

WILLIAM : Yes, I just wondered whether if it turned out that this... person...

OTHER JOURNALIST (to William) : His name is Thacker.

WILLIAM : Thanks. I just wondered if Mr. Thacker realized he'd been a daft prick and got down on his knees and begged you to reconsider, whether you would... reconsider.

ANNA : Yes, I'm pretty sure I would.

WILLIAM : That's very good news. The readers of 'Horse and Hound' will be absolutely delighted.

Anna whispers something to Jeremy.

JEREMY : Dominic -- if you'd like to ask your question again?

QUESTIONER 1 : Yes -- Anna -- how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?

Pause. Anna looks up at William. He nods.

ANNA : Indefinitely.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Orang tua2 kata ..rezeki anak-anak berlimpah ruah.. Alhamdulillah .. I think this is one of them.. Ihsan just being confirmed as an award holder for 2006 Endeavour Malaysia Awards. 3 awards for Malaysian students to undertake postgraduate study or research in Australia are offered by Australian Government each year and Ihsan got one of them. Yay! And they don't even mind if you already have another scholarship from your own country. Double Yay!! .. that means extra money for us to spend there.. (read shopping..ha..ha..ha..)

Congratulations papa.. you deserved this.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Life

I used to think of new year as just another year..with or without fireworks, celebrations or concerts.. you'd still be getting a new year .. you changed the digit..and voila's a new year.

But 2006 comes. This new year is different.Life is going to change drastically.

I started blogging..he..he.. take that for a change ..'the-pemalas-mengarang-ayu' is now blogging ..
Finally I can see some part of my brain working .. been berkarat for a long time...

I am also about to become a fulltime housewife .. (what? resigned oredi?) yeah.. i have resigned and menanti saat2 terakhir bekerja di KAF .. anybody looking for a job, there's a vacancy in KAF Discounts Bhd.. That is if you don't mind working with a no 'YM or ICQ or G Talk' allowed environment. But I guess we 'programmers' can always find a way :P ...
I’m gonna take this opportunity to take a good care of those 2 little cutie pie of mine, Amirah and Taufiq (latest addition to the family) .. hope I can be a better mom --

What else..hmm..we are moving to a new house in Pinggiran USJ in a couple of weeks time.. busy packing stuffs now. Amirah’s toy alone filling up to 8 boxes oredi.. Basikal, kereta yang tak muat kotak tu tak kira lagi .. we pampered her too much lah… The apartment now is gradually empty. I am gonna miss it here..

To top it all, the whole family is going to Melbourne in February 2006. Ihsan is pursuing his PhD at University of Melbourne. We will be there for quite some time. Feel free to visit us. Accommodation fee payable via maybank2U. *wink*

It is less than 15 days before i say good bye to the workplace that i have become to love. And it is less than 30 days before i say good bye to my family and friends that have been so dear in my life. We are starting a new chapter. Just the four of us... Ihsan, Amirah, Taufiq and me ..

It's gonna be great :)

Surreal ..

Still feeling surreal to be the owner of this blog.. i usually start up the day at the office by reading other people's blog.. and now this very morning, i'm writing my own story. The story to be shared with the whole wide world ..okay a bit exaggerating .. considering the world i am talking about mainly consist of 4 people who wrote the comments on my first post yesterday.. (thanks konot, mary, farah and eddie) .. but i guess 4 person for a first day is not too bad eh ...

The concept of sharing your stories, thoughts, ideas and most probably your life with other people especially to a complete stranger through writing can be a little bit terrifying. Everything is out in the open for all to see. There are lots of insecure thoughts in the mind.. people can critise you .. laugh behind your back ... or think you are foolish. It's the same like the first day in school, you were unsure what to do. There's lot of new faces around and suddenly you felt so alone... until a girl next to you smiled and said hi .. you smiled back... and from the overwhelming thoughts to run home to mommy, you decided to stay for a while to see what the world has to offer you...

Some stories can inspire people, make people laugh and cheer up their day .. so I guess I decided to share and write. Let’s see what the world has to offer me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My first ever blog!

Yay! this is my first blog and my very first post.. so currently still in testing mode ..
Bear with me.. saya budak baru belajar ..

By the way..happy birthday to Abah who turned 60 today!