Friday, February 06, 2009

Taufiq's 1st day at kinder

Posing sebelum masuk ke kelas

Terus jer pegi tempat kaler2..

Cubaan pertama untuk berkawan

Papa showed kat mana toilet

Lined up before keluar main kat luar

Terus pegi main kat sand pit, tapi macam ada budak besar jer kat situ? sape ye...

ooo..kak Mirah pun tumpang main jugak.. ish2.. ni untuk budak kinder jer lah ..bukan untuk budak grade 2

"Mama pegi la minum tea dengan mak2 yang lain tu.. kacaula Taufiq nak main ngan awek ni"

"Apa mama bawak bekal hari ni ye?"

Pancake and

apple and

apple juice.

Lepas tu mama pun keluar shopping kat deretan kedai2 in front of Taufiq's kinder sementara tunggu nak pick up Taufiq. Bila datang balik, Taufiq dah ready to go home.
The end.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's time to write

It has been awhile since i REALLY update this blog. Some may say it is dusty and I, sadly have to agree with that. I've been updating with uploading pictures, hiding behind 'a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words' clause. Well say no more.. I'm in the mood to write today. The weather is good, not as insanely hot as the last few days. I was burning, literally.. Oh how I missed spring and autumn and winter... (you guys have to wait till winter to hear/read on how I miss summer when my feet are freezingly cold again ..hehe.. lumrah manusia..)

What's new? Did I tell you that Taufiq started his 1st day at kinder last week? Yes he did.. and it was a successful first day. He's making friends, lining up before going out to play, eating basically everything in his lunch box, and making his cute face before waving good bye to me. It was me who thought that he would hang on to my shirt while crying "mama please don't go!!!!". It was me who guiltily looking around for the potential 'bully'. It was me who was afraid to let go... My son, my Taufiq, my big boy .. mommy is so proud.

Sarah is 4 and a half months old and weigh about 6.5kg now. Handful. Her cheeks are yummy but not as yummy as her belly. But the yummiest part are her chubby thighs. I just want to pinch those chubby little thighs.
She can partly turn on her side now, but not yet all the way. Misleading pictures in the previous post, she was 'forced' on her belly just so mom could have good shots..and err.. almost got those sheep's fur in her mouth! Ish..ish.. mak zaman sekarang...

And Amirah is going to be in grade 2 tomorrow. Lots of "yay!-i'm-going-back-to-school'. It has been a long school holiday. Even I can't wait for her to be back at school again. You won't believe how much noise and mess those 2 (Taufiq n Amirah) can make when they join forces!! But it also means that my morning duty is 'on' again.. and as much as I want her to be at the school, I think I'm going to miss having her around, especially when mommy needs a babysitter while she is facebooking and bloghopping :).

My weight is still a struggle. I'm started to think that breastfeeding can make you loose weight is only a myth ..haha .. Begone now my stubborn old fat!! Apart from that, I'm loving this new experience of fully breastfeeding your own child. The bond between us is just amazing. And to see that she is gaining kilos every month just simply from God's given white liquid is Subhanallah.

As at now.. I'm at home with kids while Ihsan is at the Rod Laver Arena to watch the Australian Open Men's Final. While waiting, he and his buddies are queuing at Garnier's stall to cut/wash/style their hair..huh??
Sungguh tak aci ...