Friday, August 25, 2006

Amirah and Bella Bear...

This is actually one of the ‘bring-home-activities’ from Amirah’s kindergarten. Each of them will have a turn to bring home the kinder teddy bear named ‘Bella’ for 2 nights. There’s also a journal for the kids to write their journey with Bella Bear.. of course this has to be done by mommy and daddy. So being the ‘takde keje mommy at home’ I took liberty to bring Amirah’s journey with Bella Bear to the next level..he..he.. Instead of just writing.. I took some pictures.. printed it and pasted it on the journal along with the stories. I even wrote it with colorful pen and drew some decorations on it.. yeah.. I have plenty of times for that…

I actually have no more space left to write after I pasted all the pics… so I have to make do with what little space I have.. anyway ..who needs writing when the pictures said it all… as a saying goes….a picture is worth a thousand words kan…

So, here goes the story…

Amirah’s little brother, Taufiq likes to play with Bella Bear too. He thinks Bella Bear is cute . ( okay… I made this up… how could I know what 9 months old boy is thinking.. ?)

Amirah is playing with Bella Bear in the backyard. She is serving tea and cookies to Bella Bear. Bella Bear said Amirah made delicious cookies. (Lupa pulak Bella Bear nak puji Amirah nyer Earl’s Grey.. agaknya tak sedap kot..he..he..)

It’s night time. Bella Bear and Amirah are’s time to sleep. Nighty night Bella Bear. Have a sweet dream. Amirah loves you.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy 23rd birthday my dear sis

24th August 2006..

2006 minus 1983.. and it’s 23… wow.. I thought you were still 20 or 21 ..ha.ha.. dah besar rupanya adik aku… yes Konot and Farah .. she is a big girl now.. I know you guys still dok visualized dia in her teenage years … being first met her when she was 12 years old .. that just showed how long we’ve known each other kan…. and to K’on.. I hope you didn't still remember my sis as a 7 years old girl… ha..ha… my oldest and bestest friend….

Anyway.. back to the story… To my only sis aka Cikda …I hope you have a lovely 23rd birthday. Jangan demand lebih2 on birthday present … kakak awak ni kan suri rumah sepenuh masa… tahun ni dah tak isi borang income tax… Make your demand elsewhere okay.. *wink*

Today also marked the 10th year of my relationship with Ihsan. I still remember making a call to my sis from..hmm.. * jangan gelak * KL Tower, wishing her a happy birthday and also telling her that I am officially in a relationship with someone special. That someone who later became my other half.

Although we don’t celebrate this date anymore, ( dah tukar dengan tarikh kawin )…. It’s nice to still remember the day… and to know that after 10 years.. things haven’t change.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Red energy

Baru dapat bill letrik from Red Energy.. terkejut sekejap bila tengok amount -- AUD 457.38 ..lepas discount 5% if bayar awal, tinggallah AUD 434.51... kalau convert adalah plus minus RM1300...Tak pernah lagi bayar bil letrik semahal tu ..... maybe biasa bagi certain people, tapi agak luar biasa la jugak bagi aku n family. Bill letrik kat sini sampai 3 bulan sekali ... the first bill was quite okay..just AUD 96. So bila datang second bill.. yang berkali2 ganda dari bill dulu.. muhasabah diri sekejap..okay...kena belajar jimat electricity ler macam ni...

When we first arrived here. .. it's summer time.. so mana lah guna heater langsung... since start sejuk ni ... heater almost ON jer selalu ... lampu pun pasang macam nak raya ..minus lampu kelip2 jer... he..he.. tv and dvd pulak Wiggles or Hi 5 jer all the time... computer hmm.. download movie 24 jam... :P ..

Itu dulu .. ( tempted nak tulis -- dulu lain sekarang lain..he..he..)

Macam membazir betul pulak rasanya bayar mahal2 untuk letrik.. baik shopping lagi bagus.. so, antara langkah2 nak jimat letrik ni..he..he.. masak air panas dah guna dapur gas... masak nasik pun aku try old fashion way atas dapur gas.. hmm.. lagi sedap pulak nasik kalau masak style tu rupa nya... (provided tak overcooked sampai hangit ler...which so far berjaya di avoid) .. daytime if possible kurangkan penggunaan heater ... and malam heater and light in one room only... tapi TV, dvd and computer tu maintain aaaa.. sumber entertainment tu ..:P ..

Hopefully boleh reduce sikit amount for the next bill .. we'll just have to wait and see then...