Friday, December 29, 2006


It was a long operation for a 62 years old man. 26 hours marathon. But it felt longer to those outside the operation room and at home waiting. The operation started at 8 am and after 26 exhausting hours, papa was sent to ICU.

Ihsan's father was diagnosed with mouth/skin cancer or scientifically called squamous cell carcinoma about 8 months ago. It started out as simple pain that won't go away after he went to see a dentist and have one of his teeth pulled out. After thorough checkup, doctor said that there was presence of tumors in the mouth areas. He had already undergone one operation but recently the cancer had spread out to the other section of the mouth. And thus the 26 hours operation .. which have us flying back to Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah.. the operation was a success with the following procedures:

1. Removal of cancerous skin around the mouth
2. Removal of the iron placed in the chin (in the first operation few months back)
3. Bone taken from fibula - leg bone to reconstruct the chin
4. Flab taken from thigh to cover the mouth area

Quite an ordeal for an old man. May Allah give papa strength to bear the pain and speedy recovery and in good health for many more years to come.

These are some pictures taken during his stay in the ICU and some during his recovery process.Not for the faint hearted.

Dalam ICU, hari ke dua , papa still tak sedar lagi.

Day 5, setelah pembalut muka dibuang. The cancerous skin around the mouth was removed and replaced with the skin from the thigh (the lighter shade portion)

With pen and note book. Tools to communicate as papa tak boleh cakap lagi. Alhamdulillah...Papa is now getting better. Please pray for his speedy recovery, thanks.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Home sweet home ..

Ironically, my previous post's title was 'Home Sweet Home' and that was referring to Malaysia.. I guess after a month away, i kinda missed it here.. and when the immigration officer said 'Welcome back' to us ... i was all smiling. I'm back.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Home sweet home

Sorry for the long silence.. the reason being.. hmm... yes ..saya ada kat Malaysia sekarang.. and up until today baru berjumpa internet access ..

I was in Malaysia for 2 weeks oredi now... balik pun sebenarnya bukannya plan pun... last minute je beli ticket flight .. Ihsan's father will undergo major operation for mouth cancer... so balik terus ke Terangganu and then ke HUSM Kota Bharu .. supposed operation date was last 27th Nov .. tapi ada complication so the operation was postponed to 11th Dec. Sementara menunggu operation day..kitorang lari jap balik KL ... will be going back to Kota Bharu on Friday. For those yang i tak sempat nak call or jumpa... sorry sangat2... one.. banyak sangat benda nak settle dalam masa yg singkat ni.. two ..mostly number you guys i takde .. three .. banyak la plak alasan aku kan... anyway.. kalau nak call i .. please ring me at 0175747828 . I will be using this number until 25th Dec ., which will be my last day kat Malaysia (nice timing eh? .. sampai2 Melbourne jer aku leh shopping on Boxing day ..he..he..he...)

Until then.. sorry again .. will try to see you guys if i can ... take care.


Post aku tak sah kalau takde gambar :P .. latest gambar Taufiq .. jumpa Zahid pulak bila lepak Starbuck KLCC.. ni stock untuk Tok dia sebenarnya ..ha..ha.. jgn tak tau ..mak aku dulu minat Zahid Akedemi Fantasia ni ... siap vote sms lagi ..ha..ha..