Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spice Girls with kids

Baru perasan ada gambar me and my kids dalam blog Konot. Padahal, that was like her 2,3 days old entry oredi..hehe.. either she was too committed doing this blogging thing..hehehe (which is true) or I'm the lazy ones (which is also true).. I checked my own blog pun kadang2 tu sampai 3 hari sekali okay.. apatah lagi nak dutifully checked other people's blog... sorry dear..but i do read yours religiously (if not everyday)..

Go here to see rockin' mommies :P
This was during my short visit to KL. We did a short get together at Konot's house. It was fun :).

Friday, August 24, 2007

We missed KL

We were in KL for 5 days. So many things to do, so little time... tapi yang penting sib baik sempat shopping ..hehehehe..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Lagik entry cut and paste.. see.. dah ada tulis siap pun lama giler aku nak upload kat sini..hehehe... kalau dah malas tu...


Dah 2 minggu di Terengganu.. having nothing to do .. time seems to be running rather slowly.... My highlight of the day would be Amirah asking " Pa / Ma .. hari ni kita nak pegi jalan mana?" So that i don't feel as guilty going out of the house.. Amirah yang nak keluar jalan2 kan.. :) ..

Jalan2 pun, paling best was going to Mydin...jangan gelak.. bukanlah macam Mydin kat Jalan Tar tu.. ni kira updated Mydin, version Giant Shah Alam. So, ada playground for budak2 nak main.. ada kedai mamak with wifi connection, so that we can have our teh tarik while updating ourselves with Internet world (how i missed my broadband kat rumah... huhuhuhu) .. and ada popcorn yang sungguh sedap... everytime datang mesti tak miss beli.. apa ntah yang dia letak kat dalam tu sampai it's a must-have. Pop corn kat Melbourne tak sedap.. very masin. Malaysia jugak yang best.. (but not recommended untuk orang2 yg ada diabetes)..

Satu lagi kegemaran balik Terengganu ialah pegi pasar malam.. almost everyday mesti ada pasar malam kat mana2 .. i mean different areas sekitar rumah my in law... and everytime pegi, I will be looking for this particular guy yang jual apam balik . Semua pasar malam mesti ada mamat ni, which is good because i so like apam balik. Kalau aku tak pegi pun Ihsan will come back with at least RM 2 worth of apam balik from this guy (6 bijik size mini) for his beloved wife. Senang kan nak ambik hati aku ni.. hehehe.. beli apam balik jer..:P

I think bandar Kuala Terengganu dah running out of places dah kitorang nak jalan2.. so we decided to naik bot pulak. There's this jetty depan Pasar Payang yang ada boat service for people dari pulau2 kecik kat depan tu untuk datang ke bandar Terengganu, so we hopped in one of those boats and made pegi balik trip. Taufiq and Amirah was very excited. Me however, was worried about my white trousers getting stained with minyak hitam yang ada all over the lantai :P .. Anyway, the kids were happy and Ihsan finally fulfilled his 6 years long of promise nak bawak aku naik bot tu. Thanks dear. (Satu lagi ye promise tak buat lagik.. jgn lupa nak bawak I pegi Pulau Kapas pulak ok ...).

And Taufiq was introduced to his first experience of mandi laut. We went to Pantai Chendering near Ihsan's house. I was very excited for Taufiq, until Ihsan said " You tau tak diorang tak allowed orang mandi2 kat sini sebab ada orang dah mati.." err... okay... maybe not full mandi laut..just main2 kat gigi air jer .. anyway Taufiq and Amirah were having a good time main pasir and main air . I think they too, like their mum.. love the beach. There's something very romantic about walking by the beach.. feeling the sands in between your toes .. watching the sun comes down.... ---- stop day dreaming lah Ayu..anak tengah nangis tu...heheheh...

Okaylah..till next time..I am looking forward for next week. We are going to KL.
*sigh* .. I wanna say "yay'.. but somehow it felt so wrong..

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dah balik rumah ..

- Dah 2 hari dah sampai di bumi Melbourne... Still in no mood to write .. paste balik jer apa yang dah ditulis masa kat Malaysia, tapi tak sempat2 nak post dalam blog...

- To my dear friend Liana aka Konot... Selamat pengantin baru. Like i said to you, it's rare for people to have a second chance... so cherish this.. semoga bahagia selamanya...

- my copy - paste entry :P

Never thought that I’m gonna come back to Malaysia again, so soon. But here we are. 9 months after Ihsan’s father 26 hours surgery marathon. Things are not looking good. And we are back here to spend, hopefully some quality time with his father. There’s nothing much that we can do. Just being here for him.

The kids were happy though to be back. Escaping the very rigid and cool weather in Melbourne, and finding joy in hot sunny days in Malaysia. I love watching Taufiq’s and Amirah’s blushing pink cheeks. And I’m not the only one, apparently other people notice this too, asking me if I did put on some blusher to them…hehe.. macam la aku takde keje lain … Taufiq was more friendly this time around. Last time we were back here, he was so clingy. Takde mama dia dekat2 tak wajib. I guess it’s part of growing up. Amirah as usual being very chatty and friendly as always. To my amusement, she was shy to speak English. Tok2 and tokwan punya la dok cakap cucu balik from obersea..hehehe.. sekali cucu speaking Melayu all the time.

The first 3 days was spent at my home town in Kedah. Sempatlah lepas gian makan buah rambutan, manggis,dokong,mata kucing and my dad’s very own ‘buah sulung’ dragon fruit (kat depan yard rumah aku sekarang ada like 20 pokok naga kot.. my dad’s latest hobby). Yes, all the fruits semua kat tepi2 rumah je. I could like jump and grab a bunch of rambutans and dokongs or went manggis picking at my paklong’s manggis tree sebelah rumah jer. I used to have this huge durian tree in front of my house, tapi dah mati. She was in her utmost glory masa tahun aku kawin dulu (hmm.. 2001 .. dah 6 tahun eh..). I still remembered counting about 150 D24 grade buah durian in one single pokok. Bnayk tu..sampai tak larat makan...And I also missed my pokok buah kedondong or buah amra bak kata orang Kedah. Pokok ni pun dah kena tebang.. I used to engrave my err.. secret’s admire’s name kat batang pokok ni dulu..hehehe.. (zaman sekolah2 rendah dulu okay..) Anyway … It was good to be home.

On Friday, we drove our ‘loaned’ car to Terengganu. Reached there in the evening. Tersentuh sekejap tengok Ihsan’s father menitiskan airmata tengok kitorang balik. Thousand of miles away, and yet here we are. I really don’t know how to describe papa. Just that it was painful to watch. He’s so thin and so fragile. The cancer around his mouth totally preventing him from talking, breathing and eating normally. He eats through the tube inserted in his nose, breathe from the tube in his neck, talks with his fingers, hanya pen dan notebook penyambung bicara. It was sad to see once a strong and charismatic man, now lying helplessly on bed..looking very old and tired.I pray to God to give strength to this old man. And to give strength to those who love him. Dugaan Allah itu Maha hebat. Will I be as strong if it was me? …

I’m glad that we are back. Even though for a while, but at least we are here. We’ll try to make the most of it.